Build World-class websites Without Writing a Single Line of Code

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1 Month


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Course syllabus

Dive into the basics of web design to create captivating and user-friendly websites with ease.

Take control of your online identity by learning domain registration, hosting, and effective business email management.

start your web journey confidently with a step-by-step guide to installing and setting up WordPress.

Explore the heart of your website by understanding the WordPress Dashboard and its essential features.

Extend your website’s functionality and customize it to your needs using a variety of WordPress plugins.

Master the art of creating and managing web pages to engage your audience effectively.

Unleash your creativity and design beautiful web pages effortlessly using the Elementor Page Builder.

Create a unique website from scratch, free from templates, and tailored to your vision.

Quickly design professional websites using pre-made templates to save time and effort.

Maximize your design potential without breaking the bank by utilizing free WordPress themes.

Elevate your web presence with premium themes that offer advanced customization and features.

Learn the ins and outs of setting up an online store using WooCommerce, a beginner-friendly e-commerce platform.

Design an engaging and effective e-commerce website to showcase and sell your products online.

Securely accept payments online by integrating reliable payment gateways into your website.

Integrate WhatsApp into your WordPress website to enhance communication and engagement with your audience.

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

Gain Hands-On Experience with These Tools

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

Who is this workshop for?


Perfect for both aspiring and experienced designers looking to expand their skill set and create impressive websites.


Freelancers from various fields can enhance their online presence and attract clients by learning to design and manage their websites effectively.


Entrepreneurs will gain valuable insights into building a professional online presence to showcase their products or services.

Digital Marketers

Digital marketers can harness the power of web design to optimize their online marketing efforts and drive better results.

Small Businesses Owners

Small business owners will discover how to establish a strong online presence and reach a broader audience through effective web design.


Enthusiasts with a passion for web design or those simply eager to learn will find a welcoming and beginner-friendly environment to develop their skills.

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

Why No-Code?

Ease of Use

No-Code website builders require no prior coding or technical experience. They offer intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, making it simple for anyone to create and manage a website.

Speed and Efficiency

Building a website with No-Code tools is significantly faster than traditional coding methods. You can have a functional website up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks.


No-Code platforms are often more budget-friendly compared to hiring a web developer. You can save money on development costs while maintaining full control over your site.

Flexibility and Adaptability

No-Code platforms offer a wide range of templates and integrations, allowing you to customize your website to suit your specific needs. You can easily make changes and updates as your business or project evolves.

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

WIN bonuses worth LKR. 100000

Website Design-Related Resources

Worth 5,000 LKR

Landing page Template

Worth 30,000 LKR

Premium Website Themes

Worth 40,000 LKR

Premium Website Templates

Worth 25,000 LKR

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

What you can build after this Course

Business Websites

Learn to create dynamic and professional websites that drive growth for businesses of all sizes. Master the art of user-friendly layouts

E-commerce Websites

Unlock the secrets of designing successful online stores. From product listings to secure payment gateways, discover how to create e-commerce platforms that boost sales and customer satisfaction

Restaurant Websites

Craft enticing restaurant websites that reflect the culinary experience. Explore menu showcases, reservation systems, and appealing visuals to attract hungry patrons.

Portfolio Websites

Showcase your unique talent and creativity with personalized portfolio websites. Create digital portfolios that leave a lasting impression and open doors to new opportunities.

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

Meet your mentor

Hey, I'm Vakees!

Award Winning Entrepreneur 🏅

I Earned 15000$ from Freelancing

Vakeesan Rathikaran, the Founder and CEO of UPBOLD, has an impressive and inspirational journey. Vakeesan comes from a humble background. earning a salary of only 10K per month.

Then I started on a full-time freelancing journey. Initially, I received projects that paid very little, only in Sri Lankan Rupees of 100, 200, or 1000. I realized that this was not sustainable and learned how to attract high-paying clients from around the world. As a result, I have raised the minimum charge to Rs 150000.

I now charge a minimum of 150000 per project.

I have helped 100+ business owners to grow their digital presence since 2020.

As a result, in 2021, I launched The UPBOLD, a digital marketing agency that has now achieved a record of over 150+ projects and 120+ clients across 8 countries.

I recently won the Sri Lankan Top 10 Young Entrepreneur Award 🏆

150 $ - Just 39$

Register before October 15, 2023, to WIN bonuses worth LKR 100,000

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